Sunday, July 31, 2011

la la

it hurts so bad...


this is not art
not even a song
it is not news
nor a story
it's just a burden
it is a wound
i can feel it bleeding
and it hurts so bad

"your silence is killing us"

people are shouting this
people of a land called syria
do you know where it is?
i don't live there
i don't even understand their language
but i'm bleeding with them
and it hurts so bad

"your silence is killing us"

people are shouting this
men, women and children
who are surrounded by guns
who are falling
one by one

you don't know the people
but you know the guns
these guns are not aimed at you
so you can say something

i know how it feels 
when you shout 
as all keep silent
i know how it feels
when guns are aimed at you
as all keep silent
i know how it feels
when you fall
as all keep silent
i know
and it hurts so bad

sorry if i broke your 
colorful noisy silence
my heart is wounded
and it hurts so bad


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

yesterday, my car started

yesterday, my car started

can opener, toothbrush

gull museum tour ( guide heart attack)/title: broken poem

                        gull   museum    tour   ( guide    heart  attack)

         -and this
                     is  hauteryx (
           a    rough   tr
                              translation )
      chief    of   a   thousand
                             nations  - thus
 ( he   died  ,   with   the   greatest poems
       of    his      life
                  un ·

! they  all    spoke
                      the   one   proud  tongue

                title:  broken poem
                             (upon his lips)

Peter Greene 2011.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

The revolver is the symbol of this exhibition.

“... painting was not made to decorate apartments. It is a
war weapon to attack and defend against the enemy.”
objeto : revolver de gesso, esponja e vidro

The revolver is the symbol of this exhibition. Pointing to
the artist, the weapon is a ludic and rational experience,
inciting questionings, reason to immerse artist and
spectator on an experience of freedom, autonomy and
possibilities to analyze fragments of reality. Art is an
imagery of itself where transgressions are allowed and
desire surpasses limits, altering the natural order of
things and language. The essence is within art, on the
deconstruction of conventional language, aimed towards
a different perspective - that of desire and peace. The
show proposes a construction of a new sovereign and
free speech, creating new codes. The daily routine of
arms is not reproduced, it is a space for ruptures and
for invention of a different speech about the object /
weapon for life.

Artist and art critic

“...a pintura não foi feita para decorar apartamentos.
É uma arma de guerra para o ataque e defesa contra o
inimigo.” Picasso

O revólver é objeto simbólico da exposição. Na mira do
artista, a arma é uma experiência lúdica e racional que
desperta interrogações, o motivo para mergulhar artista
e espectador numa experiência de liberdade, autonomia
e possibilidades para questionar um fragmento da
realidade. A arte é a imagem de si mesma, um lugar onde
as transgressões são permitidas e o desejo ultrapassa
limites, um dispositivo que altera a ordem das coisas e
da linguagem para colocar o espectador diante de um
saber. A essência está na própria arte, na desconstrução
da linguagem convencional, nesse caso, direcionada para
outra perspectiva, o desejo de paz. A exposição na
opção estética de cada artista, propõe a construção de
um outro discurso soberano e livre que inventa outros
códigos. Não se reproduz o cotidiano bélico. É um espaço
de rupturas, de invenção de um outro discurso sobre o
objeto/arma a favor da vida.

Artista plástico e crítico de arte


madness10 :the novel

"very   moving , and ,  of  wonderful mahogany"
      "  derogatory , disconcerting - a
          burbling". - the   Times  and Quiler's   While    and       the
                Magazine   Of   Splendid   Things
                                         is      featuring my  living  room  - doome
             of     fame    and   failure  - now
                                                          is   the  time
                    for me    tO    inhale  you  :  fumes
                            of   Time   and   vistas      wide  :screaming  hordes,
                      deep   inside


del calore

Saturday, July 16, 2011

light bulbs

by Jesse S. Mitchell

Light bulbs

As I bend back and forth like light, blurred, between two points,
Broken reality as the muscles ache and the head hurts,
Fingers folded, little pops in my joints, strolling, fever pitching
Between like two lights strobing and changing,
Wishing for something solid within the blending air, oscillation, sweating.

Aviso, the temperature is changing.

The buzz is loud and waiting, sitting, humming between two sounds
Like lines waiting to be read, cannot unwrite that which is written.
Everything stop, everything stops, at my word, like closing covers on cracked open books,
Dusty, musty, gold leaf, fingerprints, dirty.
Cannot read under the smudges the dark ink
Black inky inked out spelled out spells, magic tomes, thoughts, cut outs.

Aviso, the temperature is changing.

Above me, great bee-stung heaven, sky so swollen, magnified.
Certain parts of day like all over dread, parts of the ocean boiling, heat exemplified.
The temperature is changing, raising, raising up, no reason, reason/need to leave these things to the hiding, hiding, heating, temperature heaving.
Anaconda breaching, raising with mighty flames shooting from its nostrils, deadly plumes.
But I see Quetzacoatl, Kukulkan, Kur, Golgotha, not invisible strip of red hot heat, equator. Tighten the belts.
Let’s all get eaten alive, skin and swim and scales and all

Aviso, the temperature is changing.  Melting.

rug face

contrast - judas kiss - εκ

SISTROFON ART WORLD DECONSTRUCTION 2 The falling star (Mechanisms of Chaos)

SISTROFON ART WORLD DECONSTRUCTION 2 The falling star (Mechanisms of Chaos)

Script : issue # 2.2

"Inny świat"