Sunday, October 27, 2013

feral moon dark film series, week 7 warlock moon

...for Halloween this week we are bringing you the new film Devils Teeth, 
plus archive films wonderstrike, dhao dog, dream dance, and igneous&prometheus...
also selected images from Wanda Waldera and Jeff Crouch
and archive dark film and image. 

...go to rancho noir for the past 6 weeks
of work considering the dark side of consciousness. 

...big business meets small town in devils teeth... 
When a brother and sister discover unopened letters hidden in their mother's house they hire an investigator to find who is responsible for her death.

is that blood on your lips? from tar sands series with jeff crouch. 

two images, above, night circuit 11 and below, pop noir #6
 from wanda waldera


beware jeff crouch

from signs, wishes and wonders 2008

from night, sleep and dream 2008

dhao dog 
from catnap series 2008 

nuclear babysitter from FAC

danger signs from danger archive series

igneous and prometheus revisited 2008

jeff crouch collaboration

N000 poem  @otoliths

they get to unfold their miracle for their eyes alone



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