Thursday, July 13, 2017



by bofa xesjum

everybody roses me because i am a gardener, but they would wall street me if i were a garden.

everybody suspects me because i am from ohio , but they would space me if i were a station.

everybody trusts me because i am a corn flake, but they would abandon me in a heartbeat if i were a rhesus monkey.

everybody urges me to run for president, but they laugh at my old fashioned country breakfast.

everybody victimizes me every chance they get, and then they expect me to get on a bus to memphis tennessee.

everybody wants to sell me something, but it might rain tomorrow.

everybody expects me to perform miracles but my name is genesis turnbull mongolia

everybody yells at me when i just try to do my best, but it is not my bed time yet

i read in a book somewhere that it is impossible to lasso a zebra.

nobody asked me if i wanted to go to go to cleo’s birthday party

believe me, i hate donald trump just as much as anybody - honest i do

you can’t fight city hall

don’t forget your umbrella - it promises to be a wet one

eventually everybody comes back to monte carlo - and to mommy

forever is a long time

get out

hello yourself

imagination is funny, it makes a cloudy day sunny

joshua fought the battle of jericho - what have you done lately?

you think you know everything, don’t you?

let it go, nobody wants to hear about it any more

have you ever been to montana?

the night is young, but a good cigar is a smoke

on top of old smokey, with a flower in his lapel

people are bad, and getting worse all the time

it is getting awful quiet in here