Saturday, June 15, 2019

Cabo Peligro video with Rafael Gonzalez

Surrounded by a burning world at war with itself, only vacation sites are conflict free. Here we encounter an on-call AI mixologist crafting custom memory enhancing drinks for vacationing workers. Rafael Gonzalez music and photographs. Destiny Foley. From Club Paradise

Saturday, June 1, 2019

[ ricerca ]

[ ricerca ]

A place for experimental / extreme forms of art, seen on the net and anywhere. Reblogs of historical art events or works from the second half of the XX century up to now.
All the posts must be approved. No personal stuff. Members should post only other artists' works, not their own.
THIS IS AN ARCHIVE OF THE NOW and of the recent lines of international research in art, music, text. Asemics & glitch included.

Marco Giovenale =

Alberto D'Amico
Andrea Tomasini
Luca Venitucci

pages taking part in the project:
slowforward =
gammm =
aswrig =
woeird =

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